Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Review

In TACTICS OGRE: Let Us Cling Together! A dream team lead by Yasumi Matsuno has reunited to bring a perfect vision of their lost tale of political intrigue, conquest, and rebellion to vivid life. Experience an epic story where your choices determine the fate of the Walister Resistance.
  • Tons of customization
  • Chariot System
  • Excellent story
  • Plenty of choices to make
  • Graphics feel too old school
  • Multiplayer is lacking
  • Friendly AI is awful
After a long hiatus Tactics Ogre returns to reclaim its SRPG crown. This game requires a large amount of time to complete, which can be a turn off to some in this day and age. Though it is a remake there have been some very important features added, mainly the Chariot system. This system will allow you to go back up to 50 turns and redo a characters turn, however choosing the same skill will not change the outcome. Many will dislike this feature but it is not a forced feature and in no way can it affect multiplayer mode. Another change is the story now has consequences based off of the actions chosen, giving it some replay value. Sadly the graphics still look dated, but it is believed to be intentional to keep an old school feel.The loot system has also been changed up with some new added items to help give the game more versatility. 

The flaws are obvious when it comes to graphics, many just wish that there was more done. Multiplayer seems like a last minute add on, making it seem hollow. One major flaw is the friendly AI having suicidal tendencies, constantly running alone into battle and getting manhandled. This becomes troublesome when it is a key story character and he is surrounded by 5 or 6 rogues. Thankfully this will more than likely be the last great game for the PSP, because the system itself is a great paper weight and the NGP is coming soon.

 Many will find great solace in Tactics Ogre’s true dedication to the genre it practically created. Casual players will be angry at how truly expansive this game is, and the amount of time required to complete it. There are plenty of nice features for newbies, with the Chariot system and the simple learning curve. This game does it’s best to please every type of gamer, and the story alone is more than enough reason to play it. A great game to end the PSP life cycle, sadly it may go unnoticed to a majority due to its genre and the system it is based on.
ESRB: T    Developer: ArtDink    Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: SRPG     Released: Feb 15, 2011 

Article by: Larry Harris

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