Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brink Review

Brink takes place on the Ark, a man-made floating city that is on the brink of all-out civil war. Originally built as an experimental, self-sufficient and 100% "green" habitat, the reported rapid rise of the Earth's oceans has forced the Ark to become home to not only the original founders and their descendants but also to thousands of refugees. With tensions between the two groups growing, Security and Resistance forces are locked in a heated battle for control of the Ark. Which side will you choose?

  • Excellent multiplayer
  • Great customization
  • Solid class system
  • A few visual bugs
  • Terrible AI
  • No ladies
Brink is the victim of some of the most biased and questionably shady reviews, so let’s see if I can set the record straight. This game tons plenty right especially when it comes to getting hated on by COD fanboys/girls that don’t understand that sometimes it’s not about your KDR ”Kill/Death Ratio”. Graphically the game does not aim for realism, but there are some truly spectacular lighting effects if you can focus on them enough without being shot. Your characters don’t look pasty and clunky like other shooters and there is a ton of detail put in each costume piece. There is plenty of focus on teamwork, but not to the level that Team Fortress 2 has taken this genre of shooter. Brink offers some great customization no matter which side you choose to fight for.  The classes and abilities are very well balanced as long as you understand the basic mechanics of the role you choose. Multiplayer definitely requires teamwork, which is why there is no “Deathmatch” so stop complaining and play a real game.  The free running can be a blast once you get the mechanics under your control, but it can also at times feel clunky for the console versions.

Aside from the pointless complaints that are being thrown out to give this game a bad review…”Yes I am looking at you IGN and GAMESPOT!”. There are a few things that could have been fixed if more time was focused in that direction, but it is clear this game was meant to be multiplayer. The story while interesting is really just a reason to pit two groups against each other so they can kill one another. Look even further and the AI in single player is completely ridiculous, almost like they are forcing you to play with other people. Brink has a couple graphical mistakes often causing some visuals to bug out. Also the initial release was troubled with some audio and lag bugs, but those have since been fixed for every version of the game. Though the game was released multiplatform it really shines through on the PC, giving players a much looser free running experience. A final note would be the lack of females…in every single aspect of the game, where are all the ladies at?

Overall Brink is one of the best shooters around, but it is constantly dragged down by people hating what they cannot play. Much in the way World of Warcraft dominates the MMO market, Call of Duty will continue to do the same regardless of how many subpar sequels they pump out. Brink is not a shooter for everyone the mechanics do take some getting used to, and you cannot just run and gun your way to a win. If you are looking for a great team based shooter, and don’t mind a garbage single player then Brink should be your next purchase.
ESRB: T   Developer: Splash Damage  Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: FPS  Released: May 10, 2011 
Article by:Larry Harris

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