Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Review

The shooter that took the concept of "over-the-top," burned it to the ground, and built an explosive new monument to ridiculously fun action returns to do it all over again. When aliens invade, legendary hero Duke Nukem is the only one who can stop them. Duke Nukem Forever combines classic Duke Nukem combat with new levels of interactivity that let you experience what it's like to be the baddest dude in the galaxy. When you're not helping Duke enjoy his favorite pastime - blasting aliens - you can help him enjoy some other favorite hobbies: basketball, babes, and, of course, lifting weights. Hope you saved those tickets to the gun show!
  • Its Duke Nukem?
  • Outdated gameplay
  • Outdated graphics
  • Terrible voice acting
  • Slowish load times
  • Tedious platforming
Duke Nukem is back after 14 long awaited years to finally start kicking some alien ass and score some girls. Oh I wish my previous line was as good as it looks, but sadly this game is a disgrace to any Duke Nukem fan out there that had to painfully wait 14 years to get their hands on this game. First off why the hell is there an Xbox 360 controller in the ps3 version. That aside this game is everything short of what everybody expected this game to be, and the people who actually took over to finally make this game come out should be ashamed of themselves. This is truly a half assed attempt of actually making Duke Nukem Forever look respectful. This first paragraph is supposed to point out how good of a game it is, but nothing in my head pops up except for the interactive things you can do to max out your health. I also got bored of that eventually half way through this game as well so yes this game was poorly made, and as a Duke Nukem fan I am sadly able to say that this game is a disgrace to the whole Duke Nukem franchise.

The gameplay was plainly put just terrible. The aiming with the cross hairs were slightly off, and whenever I tried to zoom in it actually made it more blurry instead of helping me half the time which is ridiculous. Voice acting besides Duke Nukem was bad, and even then hearing Duke Nukem talk was tiring. The childish comedy did not impress me either. One or two times throughout the entire game I chuckled a little, and that was it. I didn't like how there was no mini map integrated with the HUD at all. It’s the little things like what I just explained that could make a bad game into a good game with just a little effort, and honestly I saw none of it in this game. The load times were not entirely that bad but it did get annoying after dying that I had to wait over 30 seconds just to load in an area that I was just in. The graphics are outdated honestly. You know it’s bad when it doesn't even touch Oblivion's graphics, and that came out 6 years ago. When this game did try to change it up, it just falls flat, and out of place. The water levels and driving mechanics were the worst of the all, which is very disappointing.

Duke Nukem Forever is by far the biggest disappointment in gaming for me this year. It’s sad when a Duke Nukem fan can't even recommend this game to anyone due to how terrible it is. I don't even want to hear people say that I had high expectations for this game, and that's why I gave this game a horrible score. This game is just bad get over it. Don't even bother renting it or buying this either, unless you’re a huge Duke Nukem fan then go rent it. Other than that you’re better off spending your money elsewhere that’s more entertaining like knitting or something. Multiplayer is nothing special so I didn't feel like mentioning anything about it other than its similar to how the quake series plays, but worse. Overall this game is not the worse game I have ever played, but due to everything just being plain with nothing in itself that stands out from other games. It deserves a low score. 
ESRB: Developer: Gearbox Software Publisher: 2K Games
Genre: FPS   Released: June14, 2011 
Article by: MDB

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