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NCAA Football 2012 Review

From the top-flight competition to the storied rivalries to the enduring game-day traditions, college football is a high-impact experience. NCAA Football 12 is all about feeling that impact, on the field and off! March your school to the national championship, one Saturday at a time, as you jockey for a spot in the BCS. Game play has been revised with new user-controlled tackling that sends you bursting through the ball carrier to deliver crushing hits. Of course, you'll need to line-up your opponent and time your hit, otherwise you'll be grasping at air. Experience enhanced game-day presentation, complete with updated pre-game and in-game festivities from college football's legendary programs, and more.
  • Dynasty Mode returns
  • Simulating is fun
  • No lockout
  • AI without sliders is easy
  • Recruiting is too simple
  • Too many useless modes
Gone are the days where full blown innovation can be found in a lot of sport series. Can NCAA Football 12 innovate with what they have and don't have? The answer is no they don’t, but they do change up a few modes that people were interested in the most although they seemed minor, were nice additions to what they already had in the game. The changes to Dynasty Mode were this time as a coach you can be an offensive or defensive coordinator first and build your way up. Don't get it confused with the way 2k did it with their college basketball series as you can still pick a big school, and still be a head coach which is not bad, but makes me wish where they force you to pick a small school, and then make it all the way to the top. Recruiting remains to be a blast except it remains largely unchanged, and the only thing they did mess around with was the Sparq rating that each player had instead of a normal rating for players. Blocking felt better than years past, but they still need to fix the problems with pass blocking on some plays. The best thing I can say about this game is that it’s not worse than the previous entry.

Most of the mistakes they have are already persistent problems that they had in previous entries. Playing defense against the computer is still a joke most of the time unless you gimp yourself hardcore then it’s too easy. Passing is a little bit worse than last year’s entry, while running was way too easy. You could still pass well if you used the same routes like the corner route or the straight route with an overpowered speedster. There still some of the mistakes that occur once in a while that made you scratch your head, and possibly piss you off like getting an interception and trying to down it in the end zone for a touchback, but instead they get a safety sort of thing. EA Sports seriously needs to fix these mistakes that have persisted for a while because they either obviously know they are still there and try to fix it, or they just ignore it. They overhauled Road to Glory for better or worse honestly, and while I did like it, I believe that most people are not going to be happy that they went with the route that they did with it.

While NCAA Football 12 did at least try to be better than previous entries, all they did was make it feel like you were playing nothing better or worse than last year’s title. It still is a great game, and is worthy of a pickup if you’re a hardcore football fan like myself to play, or if you need something to play to pass the time until Madden comes out then this is the perfect fix for you. It still plays second fiddle to Madden honestly which is sad, but at least it is trying to create an identity of its own. If NCAA Football 12 ever wants to improve on what they have, then they need to start thinking outside the box with the good modes they have instead of adding useless features, and modes that people are not going to play, or just going to try once just to see what it’s like.

ESRB: E    Developer: EA Tiburon   Publisher: EA Sports
Genre: Sports   Released: July 12, 2011

Article by: MDB

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